Our Story

I work in an office. Not a day goes by that I don’t look out my window and wish I was somewhere else. More often than I’d like to admit, my mind drifts to those chilly mornings that buzz with the excitement of an early tee time.

I grew up with a putter in my hand and, from as early as I can remember, I’ve loved the way I felt when honing my golf skills. As I got older, my dad started spending more and more time helping me with my swing, learning to talk the talk, and eventually, he brought me to a course to hit balls with him and his friends. I was hooked. Sunday mornings became our time away from the house and all of the chores that came with it. He still remembers the first time I outshot him; and so do I.

We still make it out together as often as life permits even though the old man has slowed down a bit over the years. Now, we spend our time talking about golf more than we do actually playing together. Last year, I wanted to do something nice for him as a retirement gift. The problem was that he already had everything I could think to get him. Then I had an epiphany- I’m a designer, I’ll make him something he’ll be proud of. After many hours of work I landed on a simple, modern design of his favorite course; a gift I wanted to last. I printed the original piece on canvas then stretched in over a wood frame. When I gave it to him he was speechless. He has it hanging in his house where he sees it every day and, according to my mom, he never misses an opportunity to tell visitors about it.

Soon his friends started asking me if I took special orders. Word got out, and my coworkers and golf buddies started to ask me about them. Pretty soon I realized that I could get my work out to many others. That’s the origin story of Fairway Collection - a small company built out of passion for the sport and family.

All of my prints are done with Canon ink on a 20 mil, cotton-poly canvas, treated with a 2-layer UV protective coat, and stretched over 100% kiln dried pine.

My goal was to give my dad a gift that (as much as it pains me to think) will outlast him. I hope that the original hangs in my own home one day so that I can tell my two boys about how much their grandpa loved to golf.

Now, if only I could put the same passion into the current project on my desk.

Be Well,